About KF Creative

Story and Values

Derby/Nottingham based brand identity and logo designer Karl Fry.

The Story So Far…

KF Creative was created and is run solely by designer Karl Fry. I help and guide small – medium business owners to define their brand, understand their audience and find their voice and value. Branding can seem daunting but we love teaching clients and bringing them along for the journey. Branding, people and business all go hand in hand and I believe they work best together.

I want to bridge the gap between creativity and business by being curious and putting people at the heart of what we do. Learning about your business and your users allows us to create thoughtful and creative solutions.

Design Background

8 years experience in brand and web design, client work and creative team management. This has come through working with a mixture of passionate businesses and individuals. The best ideas come from discovery, understanding and collaboration.

What We Believe

Be Curious

Everyone has a story to tell and something to share.

Asking questions and being curious helps discover valuable insights and see other perspectives.

What We Believe

Stay Creative

Live for the lightbulb moments that come from working with others and problem solving.

Creativity belongs in all aspects of what we do.

What We Believe

Work Hard and Deliver

Turning up and putting in the work consistently leads to results and growth.

Hard work pays off. Go above and beyond for those who are passionate.

What We Believe

Grow and Develop

Never resting on previous efforts, always be moving forward both inside and outside work.

Explore, learn and experience new things. It’s all relevant.